Welcome to the H5PBA website! Bowling has been a purely Canadian sport for over 100 years and here is where you can find everything you need in the Hamilton area for the sport.

2017/2018 Season

The Hamilton 5-Pin Bowlers’ Association is a volunteer organization of 5-pin bowlers serving 5-pin bowlers in the Hamilton area. Formed in 1963 Hamilton is the longest serving association of the 14 zones affiliated with the Ontario 5-Pin Bowlers’ Association which provides uniform rules and regulations for 5-pin bowling across the province.

Some benefits offered to bowlers include:

  • Secretary’s Handbook (includes all material necessary to run a league)
  • Rule Books (on request)
  • Tournaments (for bowlers of all averages)
  • Awards (for singles, triples and high scores)
  • Year End Average Book
  • Free Bonding for 100% Leagues
  • All scores sanctioned (all lanes certified)
  • Membership cards
  • Record Scores Program
  • Scholarships (for graduating youth bowlers)
  • Special Olympics Fundraising

Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association