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Hamilton 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association Fundraiser

About Scentsy

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About Our Consultant

Kassie Bleses is one of our fellow bowlers, who has offered to donate 100% of her commission back to the Association. A special page has been set up on the website for orders to go through Kassie and earmarked for our fundraiser.  

How to Order

Visit At the top left you will see “Join a Party” click on that and there will be a dropdown that says “Hamilton 5 Fundraiser” which will direct you to the fundraising page.  Alternatively, you can go directly to All orders placed online are made with your credit card.  The website is easy to use and secure.

If you do not have access to a computer, or wish to place an order using cash or cheque, please see one of your H5 Board Members. They will have access to catalogues and order forms.  Any cheques should be made payable directly to Kassie Bleses.

This fundraiser is scheduled to close on March 15, 2017, so act fast.

I personally have purchased and used Scentsy products many times and they truly have a great line of products.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact Kassie directly at or by phone at (226) 750-7714.



While our regular Newsletters celebrate many of the outstanding scores rolled in league play by our Association members, it is worthy of note that these scores have not gone unnoticed by our parent body the Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association. Our Record Scores chair, Gord Winger, dutifully sends our top scores in 5 different average classes to the O5, who then determines the best of the best for the bowling season. Once again for the 2015-2016 bowling season our bowlers have come through with flying colours, winning 5 individual awards and 9 team awards for the 14 Associations across the province.

Bowlers in the Hamilton Wentworth Mixed Triples league claimed 4 of the 5 individual awards. Mitch Davies recorded Class 5 Men’s 4-Game best with 1278 and Cynthia Wieland Class 5 Ladies’ best with 1198. Class 4 Ladies’ 4-Game best went to Amber Ashton with 1050 and Class 2 to Krista Nicholson with 828. Kevin McConnell of the Golden Horseshoe league scooped Class 3 Men’s single best with a 418.

In the 3 Player Teams categories Hamilton claimed 7 awards with 6 coming from the Mixed Triples league. Mitch Davies, Francois Talbot and Shawn Barrow bowled 3362 for 4 for men. Martin Talbot, Matt Wieland and Cynthia Wieland wired 3351 in mixed play with a single game high of 951. Kayla Birkby, Keri Bates and Krista Derkach took ladies’ honours with 3020 including a single game of 809. A single game men’s record score of 955 was stroked by Jim Clarke, Dave Pendlebury and Pat Mooney. Rick Bender with Rick and Dianne Kunkel from the Golden Horseshoe loop struck for 2183 in mixed 3-game action.

In 5-player team competition the team of Tammy Muir, Debbie Atkins, Patti Northey, Terry Farrell and Allison MacDonell rolled a 906 single game and a 2601 triple game score for their division. How many provincial awards will the current season bring for Hamilton bowlers? Gord will be watching and counting!


The Booster Club Tournament is a provincial “Fund Raiser” program that rewards the eventual tourney winner with a trip for 2 to the sunny south. Our Hamilton Association has been a willing participant since the beginning. In addition to the tournament prize, bowlers who have purchased a ticket are eligible for weekly draws during the season. The January draws saw Kevin Heron hit the jackpot twice with ticket #68, initially winning $150 and following up with $60. Other winners were Lillian Williams $100, Cheryl Bates $60, Larry Cooper $40 and the duo of Keri/Becky $40. Stay tuned for more winners in our March Newsletter!

All ticket holders are eligible to enter the zone Booster Club tourney to be held March 19th at University Lanes. The zone winner qualifies for the provincial finals. Ticket holders may designate another Association member to bowl in their place.


Mike Waller is the latest bowling star of this mixed league at Mountain. Mike grabbed the spotlight with games of 278, 248 and 271 for a super 797 triple, well above his 178 average. It was also his first 700 series in a few years. Way to go Mike!!! Two other bowlers in his average range also posted 700 triples as Luc Valade vaulted to a 728 and Will MacDonell scattered the pins for a 704.

Patrick Mooney used a 331 single to record a 771 triple edging Allie MacDonell who rolled a 318 single en route to a 763 triple. Denise Clause counted a 302 single and a 713 triple while Nick Christensen concocted triples of 705 and 704. David Sachs, averaging 108, soared to a 203 single and a 465 triple while brother Adam with a 109 average aced a 197 single.

It’s great to know that Terry Farrell, who gives us the scores for this league, is back to her usual busy self after a recent health setback.


Steve Marshall certainly found his scoring touch during the month of January in this mixed league at Sherwood. Steve struck for a trio of award winning scores as he stroked singles of 335 and 329 and an 842 triple. Jason Adams also reached 800-country with his nifty 835 effort. Dave Page popped a 743 triple. Super singles went to Rob Winger 318, Jason Adams 298, Elaine Winger 264 and Irene Winger 263.


The zone round of the Holiday Classic Tourney was held at Mountain Lanes on Sunday, February 12th. The team of Luc Valade, Will MacDonell, Ashley Macdonald, Nick Christensen and Mike Waller from the Tuesday Business Mixed league at Mountain with a plus score of 168 will represent our Association at the provincial finals slated for Sherwood on April 27th. Valade with a plus score of 118 and Christensen at plus 31 paced the team to victory. They chose Gerry Farrell as their coach for the provincials with trips for 2 to the sunny south awaiting the champions.

Chasing the winners was the team of Marv Rioux, Jason Adams, Shane Whitesell, Lisa Forbes and Jason Primmer from the HSR league at Sherwood, topping their average by 60 pins. Rioux at plus 80 and Forbes with a plus 65 outing led their squad. Snaring the third spot at plus 59 was the team from the Men’s Beach league at Mountain of Duncan MacLellan , Willy Forsey and a trio of Muir’s, namely Brian, Jason and David. Forsey at plus 82 and David Muir with plus 59 led the scoring.


The story for this Tuesday night league at Bowlerama is clearly that of Bob Macdonald. He followed up on an opening strike-spare with 9 straight strikes plus a 12th frame HP for a sizzling 410 single. Bob was a regular at the former BarDon Lanes averaging in the 230’s before taking a 22 year break from the sport. Now back in the game for 4 years Bob has battled his way back to a 218 average. This in an effort to keep up with his sons Rob and Josh.

The 410 single is a new league high while his 878 triple is second to 891 by Rick Bender. David Roberts has high average of 238 followed by Adam Blais 231, Rob Macdonald 228 and Dave Crocker 226.


Dave Bentley continues to romp in this Monday night league with a 264 average aided by a 923 triple. Brian Muir had a flash of brilliance with a solid 769. January was good to several bowlers who improved their averages for the month…rookie John Verboom up 4, lefty Paul Hill up 3 with Kyle Donnelly and Brian Dore plus 2. Todd Harvey was a picture of consistency improving by 3 and leading his team to a series victory.


This league, featuring 16 teams, continues to rack up several impressive scores. David Birkby holds high 4 scratch with 1204 while Francois Talbot toppled high 4 with handicap at 1240 aided by an 1180 scratch for 4 easing his average up to 238. Birkby has a 361 scratch single while Dave Copeland counters with a 397 with HC.

Martin Talbot has opened up some space over Mitch Davies in the average race with a 263 to 259 lead. Dave Birkby follows at 251 with Dave Bentley and Ross Varlow at 250. Michelle Murray has 21.5 wins in series 2.


Our sponsorship chairman, Martin Talbot, reports that our Association has received 3 PLATINUM sponsors for this season. One is the Golden Horseshoe Credit Union, obtained through director Gord Winger. Another is the firm of Swaye Crannie Boyd LLP, obtained through the efforts of director Susan Burns. The third is PhysiO’ Kids, operated by Kara O’Donnell, a bowler in the Golden Horseshoe league at Bowlerama. We also have a SILVER sponsor, Bath Fitter, obtained through an H5 bowler/member, Kassie Blesses.

When the chance arises, please be a patron of these most welcome and appreciated sponsors!!!