MARCH 2017


Gord Burns was the big winner in the 2017 Booster Club Draw as his #62 ticket was worth $250 in the final draw. The second major winner was the Mixed Triples league with ticket #20 worth $100. Other February winners for $60 each were John Conti and Norm Macdonald while Richard Hoover and Gord Winger carted home $40 each. Chair Sue Burns congratulates all the winners and thanks all who purchased tickets.

The zone tourney saw 34 entries at University Lanes. Don Dykeman won with a plus 128 score and will represent our Association at the provincial finals. Nikki Greer grooved plus 120, Debbie Atkins was plus 99, Ryan Gibson 82 and Tim Forbes 70.


The most exciting weekend in Ontario 5 Pin Bowling is almost here and it is right here at Sherwood from Wednesday, April 12th until Saturday, April 15th.  This prestigious tournament features the best bowlers from the 14 zones under the umbrella of the Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association. A 13 team qualifying round and a 10 game singles qualifying round leads to a stepladder finals for the top qualifiers on Saturday. In the 2016 Ontario finals both our men’s team and our mixed team won gold while our ladies’ team settled for bronze. It will be tough to reach this level of excellence again this year but our Hamilton bowlers are always competitive and have proven time and time again that they can come through in the clutch.

The “Opening Ceremonies” on Wednesday, April 12th at 5:00 p.m. will feature the Parade of Champions followed by the first 5 Game Block of the Ladies’ and Men’s Singles and games 1 to 3 of the Senior Teams. Our Association will be represented in the Parade of Champions by Mitch Davies and Krista Derkach. The 29th Annual “Hall of Fame Game Ceremonies”, courtesy of Bowl Ontario 5 Pin and Fraser Hambly, will kick start the championship weekend at 3:30 p.m. Former champions and builders of our sport will be recognized.  Hope to see you there!!!


According to secretary, Brian Muir there are 2 big reasons this men’s league on Monday nights at Mountain Lanes continue to roll good scores. Consistent bowling allows for average increases even this late in the season. Another big reason is the excellent condition of the lanes thanks to great caretaking by Kevin. Kyle Donnelly has recently boosted his average by 4 pins thanks to a couple of triples both plus 150 over his average. Paul Hill is up plus 3 to a 173 average aided by a 686 triple that was 170 pins over his average. Tyron Harvey is plus 3 with consistent triples over 600. Renato Santoro styled a 762 triple barely topping a 760 by Brian Muir. Dave Muir was chasing dad with his 748 while Duncan MacLellan smacked a 720. Dave Bentley continues to lead the average race with an impressive 261 average.


Another first for our sport of 5 pin bowling! For those of you who just might be visiting the Ontario Science Centre this summer look for the 5 pin bowling display. The exhibit showcases the 5 pin bowling ball and pin. The bulletin describes the thought process behind Tommy Ryan’s invention of the uniquely Canadian game in 1909. The exhibit is on display until September 2017.


Gord Burns bolted to the top of the recent award winning scores in this Monday night league at Sherwood with a 751 triple accompanied by a 291 single. Laurie Iannuzzi had her own moments in the spotlight inking a 735 triple and zapping singles of 303 and 281. Marv Rioux returned to form with a 314 single while Tim Forbes found the range for a 273. Irene Winger with her 157 average whipped up a 637 triple while Charmaine Siddall with a 97 average stood tall with a 451 triple.


With 5 weeks to go neither the team race or the average race is close in this Tuesday league at Bowlerama. The team race sees the squad of Norm, Bob and Josh Macdonald along with Kevin McConnell holding a 37 point lead over the fighting five of Rick Kunkel, Rick Bender, David Roberts, Don Dykeman and Talen McGraw. David Roberts with a 240 average holds a commanding 10 point advantage over Adam Blais. Other averages in the 220 range include Rob Macdonald, Dave Crocker, Marc Skelton and Don Dykeman. Rick Bender has top triple of 891 while Bob Macdonald has a sparkling 410 single.


With 3 weeks of action remaining in this competitive mixed league at Sherwood there is a heated battle for top average between Martin Talbot at 261.9 and Mitch Davies at 261.5. This competition could go to the final frame of the last game. Stay tuned!!!  Other high averages include Dave Birkby 251 and 7 bowlers between 248 and 243; namely Matt Houston, Ross Varlow, Dave Bentley, Matt Wieland, John Conti, Mike Johns and Jim Davies. Mitch holds high 4 of 1282 and high single of 408. Michelle Murray has most wins with 33.5.


The annual Special Olympics Bowlathon goes Saturday, April 29th at Sherwood running between 1-3 p.m. If you can help in any way give Norm Macdonald a call at 905-561-2685. Tickets are being sold for some fabulous prizes. This is a worthy charity!


Coaching coordinator, Gerry Farrell, reminds our members of 2 “Intro to Comp Coaching Courses” available in the coming weeks. One is being held at Heritage Bowl in St. Thomas on the weekend of April 7-9. A second goes on the weekend of May 5-7 at Victoria Bowl in Kitchener. Cost is $175. To register contact the O5PBA office at 416-426-7167 or


Gerry Farrell fired a 776 triple and Laurie Toth tallied 754 to pace this Mountain Lanes league. Adam Sachs averaging 117 scored a 553. Patrick Mooney topped the singles board with 307 followed by Jim Cook 284, Clarkson Newport 282, Kevin Olson 263, Dave Toth 262, Wayne Campbell 221 and David Sachs averaging 133 popped a 207.