Coaching Policy

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The Hamilton 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (H5PBA) Coaching Policy was established in 2005 and is based on the Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (O5PBA) Coaching Policy. Each year there will be an individual designated as the Zone Coaching Coordinator. The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Updating the names and addresses of coaches at the zone level.
  • Is the local contact for any Community Coach or Competitive Coach courses held within the zone.
  • Through contact with local coaches, the Coaching Coordinator will obtain the names of interested coaches for the Holiday Classic, Youth Challenge, Provincial Triples and the Open/Senior Open Championships and ultimately recommend coaches for these events to the Zone Board of Directors.
  • Receive coaching survey forms and forward them to the Provincial Office.


All coaches must be 19 years of age or over as of December 31 of the current bowling season, and must be a member in good standing with the (O5PBA). To be selected as a coach of a team, the individual must have purchased an association membership prior to November 30 of the current bowling season.


  • Open Championships

The premier event in 5 pin bowling deserves the best coaches. All coaches must be a fully certified Competitive Coach and their memberships must be in good standing with the (O5PBA). Selection is not restricted to bowlers who bowled in the zone roll off.

Coaches who compete in regular league play as registered members of O5PBA sanctioned leagues in both the Hamilton zone and the zone of their principal residence, and have played the year prior in the Hamilton zone, must indicate in which zone they will coach in the Open championships. Filing a “Declaration of Intent” with the appropriate Zone Association Tournament Director by October 31 of the current bowling season does this. A copy of the current year average sheet confirming their participation in said league must accompany the Declaration of Intent. In the prior season, a coach must have bowled a minimum of fifty(50) games in a sanctioned league in the Hamilton zone, and be listed on the O5PBA website average book for that league to be eligible to declare. Once a Declaration of Intent is filed the coach cannot coach in the zone of their principal residence for that year. If a Declaration of Intent is not filed by the deadline date, the coach may only coach a team from the Zone of their principal residence.

The coach is selected by majority vote by the team members from a list of qualified coaches provided by the H5PBA Coaching Coordinator. It is preferable that a coach is selected immediately following the final qualifying round, however the selection may take several days. If a team cannot decide on a coach, the O5PBA will appoint one.

  • Senior Open Championships

The coaching policy for this tournament is the same as the Open Championships with the exception of the coaching requirement. The coach is only required to be a Community Coach.

  • Youth Challenge / Ontario Winter Games

This event, although conducted by the O5PBA, reaches youth bowlers across Ontario. For this tournament to succeed, the zone must work in close cooperation with the Youth Bowling Council (YBC) Program Directors to not only solicit entries, but to select the team coach   As with the Open, all Youth Challenge coaches must have full Competitive Coach certification by November 30 of the current bowling season and must be a member in good standing of the O5PBA. The H5PBA will identify coaches interested in coaching a Youth Challenge team. Preference may be given to a coach who is affiliated with one of the YBC program, or has made the effort to be affiliated with a youth programs within the zone.

  • Holiday Classic

This event is very popular on the O5PBA calendar of events. Although coaches are not required at the house or zone level, they are a must for the Provincial round. The advancing team(s) will select a certified coach from a list of eligible/certified Community Coaches that will be made available on the day of the zone rounds, by the Coaching Coordinator. If a team is unable to select a coach, the zone will appoint one.

  • Triples

This event is newest of the tournaments and very popular on the O5PBA calendar of events. Although coaches are not required at the house or zone level, they are optional for the Provincial round. The advancing team(s) will select a certified coach from a list of eligible/certified Community Coaches that will be made available on the day of the zone round, by the Coaching Coordinator. If the members of team are unable to select a coach, but want a coach for the event, the Coaching Coordinator, can appoint one.


The coach’s job covers all aspects of the event.

  • As an organizer and planner, the coach is responsible to ensure all team members have made appropriate travel and/or accommodation arrangements.
  • As a teacher, the team should be technically prepared to perform their personal best during the event.
  • As a motivator, the coach sets goals that are attainable and achievable throughout the event.
  • Follow all rules and regulations set by the O5PBA and/or the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association (C5PBA)


We appreciate the time and energy the coach will spend on the youth bowlers who have qualified for the Youth Challenge / Ontario Winter Games. The following guidelines are to be used to ensure both the success of this tournament and the welfare of our youth bowlers.

  • The coach’s responsibilities first and foremost lie with the health and welfare of the young competitors under their supervision. The youth bowlers will look up to the coach for guidance and leadership. Please set a good example.
  • The coach must accompany the youth bowlers to ALL functions organized for the championships.
  • A coach must abide by all O5PBA rules and conduct herself/himself in a manner befitting a youth coach.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages, non-prescription drugs or stimulants will not be allowed from the time you leave for the championships until the time you arrive home. Any coach found breaking these rules shall be removed from the championships and could have their O5PBA membership suspended.


To ensure that the bowler and coach fully understand what is expected of them, and specifically the coach, the following guidelines are to be used:

  • Ensure that accommodations for all team members are booked through the appropriate channels.
  • Provides each team member with his or her lane pass (if applicable).
  • Ensure team knows at what time and on what lane they bowl.
  • Ensure that all bowlers are at the lanes at least 20 minutes prior to bowling. Coaches must contact the Chief Judge of Play or Tournament Official to register their bowlers prior to bowling.
  • Ensure their bowlers are on hand for the warm up prior to the event.
  • Ensure that the rules pertaining to the use of alcoholic beverages, non-prescription drug or stimulants at Zone, Regional, and Provincial events are followed and are aware of the penalties that may be assessed for any infractions.
  • Ensure all bowlers are dressed properly, as dictated by the dress code as determined by the O5PBA.
  • Ensure that no participant in the Youth Challenge / Ontario Winter Games should ever be seen anywhere, consuming alcoholic beverages or using non-prescription drugs.
  • Coaches are responsible for watching the score for any errors. After a frame has been completed and the next frame has been bowled, the score cannot be changed unless it is an obvious error in addition. The score sheet or automatic scoring (if applicable) is the official score, and it is the coach’s responsibility to check it for accuracy. Once the score sheet has left the score stand there can be no changes made to it. A team score sheet shall be provided, and it is the coach’s responsibility to complete and sign it after each game, thereby approving the score. Failure to complete and sign this form properly may result in a one-point penalty being assessed against the team.
  • The scorekeeper’s decision regarding pin fall is final. Only if the scorekeeper is in doubt, is the Judge of Play to be called for a ruling. If automatic scoring is in use, the Judge of Play’s ruling will be final.
  • Ensure that lane courtesy is observed at all times, but is not overdone.
  • Substitutions, if applicable, shall be reported to the opposing coach, who shall stop the bowling on both lanes as the substitution is made.
  • In all team events, only bowlers and coaches are permitted in the playing area. Coaches must wear their bowling shoes in the bowlers’ enclosure. Assistant coaches shall stand behind the enclosure. Coaches must also wear a coaches pin and in team uniform.
  • Ensure that only a bowler taking their regular turn in the line-up is allowed on the approach at any given time. Coaches and all other team members must remain off the approach, to the side or behind the score stand.
  • Ensure that the Judge of Play is notified, if a bowler is leaving the bowlers’ enclosure.
  • Ensure the team line-up is submitted to the opposing coach for each game as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure that bowlers are aware that only the coaches will be allowed to discuss, dispute, or protest any point pertaining to the championships with the Judge of Play.
  • Coaches may not approach a member of the opposing team with a complaint. If coaches have a dispute of any kind, they must inform the Judge of Play.
  • Coaches are not allowed to compete in any event.
  • Ensure that all their bowlers are aware of the rules of the event, and that any violations may result in penalties being assessed to the team or suspension from the championships.
  • Ensure that their bowlers understand that the use of chants, songs, cheers, etc. which contain profanity, slanderous remarks or words, which are deemed detrimental to the image of 5 pin bowling, will not be allowed or tolerated. Any infraction of this rule may result in the forfeiture of the game, and any repeated violation shall lead to suspension from the competition.
  • The O5PBA reserves the right to involve the media in any event. In regards to television, coaches should be aware that cameras might be in place during play. Every effort will be made to ensure that lights are not directly aimed at the bowlers.
  • In any case of rule violation where no penalty is provided in the preceding rules, the Board of Directors of the O5PBA may impose appropriate penalties.