Membership Chair
Cheryl Bates

Regular Card $15, Tournament Card $36, All graduating YBC Seniors (born in 1996) that join an adult league in their FIRST year are eligibility to receive a free tournament card.

Please forward all league membership forms with a cheque payable to the HAMILTON 5 PIN BOWLERS ASSOCIATION to me for immediate processing. Make sure the cheque is identified as noted above as any cheque made payable to the O5PBA or C5PBA will be returned and delay the membership process.

Almost everyone always has asked “Why should I join?”
Please read the benefits here.

Other functions of the Association:

  • Develop and monitor uniform rules and regulations of the sport of 5 pin bowling
  • Aid and assist senior citizens, blind and Intellectually Disabled Bowlers
  • Work in harmony with all 5 Pin bowling organizations
  • Responsible for the setting and monitoring of the Standards and Specifications for the sport, which includes certifying all bowling lanes and equipment
  • Provide leagues with any and all information on conducting a successful league
  • Govern the conduct of all affiliated members
  • Recognize and keep accurate records of special achievements such as perfect game awards and record scores program
  • Organize the Annual Youth Bowling School

Should you have any questions regarding the new change, please feel free to contact Cheryl Bates or any member of the Hamilton 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association.

By purchasing a Membership Card you are joining one of the most organized and respected amateur sport organizations in Ontario. This Association is made up of bowlers who work strictly as volunteers, providing countless hours of volunteer time to bowling in Ontario every year. As a member of the 5 Pin Association you have a voice in your sport.